Our sustainability policy

Here at The Atrium we strive to fulfil our responsibility for sustainability. We like to provide an eco-friendly environment for companies who are conscious about the planet and want to work in a place that respects the environment.
Within the last year we have made the following improvements:


The Atrium now uses 100% renewable energy from biomethane gas, wind, hydro and solar electricity.


We now provide further recycling points in our building and have increased what materials we recycle. We have extended to recycle all mixed dry recycling within our building which reduces the waste we send to landfill.

Equipment & Transport

• The Atrium like to encourage green transport methods. Firstly, we offer CCTV and weather protected cycle parking areas.
• We have introduced hand dryers in the bathrooms which give people the option to reduce their paper usage alongside changing our loo paper dispensers to single sheet over roll dispensers which reduces wastage.
• We also encourage our staff to switch off their PCs and televisions at night to reduce standby power wastage. We always buy second-hand where we can with equipment which reduces wastage in production of new appliances. We have also phased out single use plastic coffee machines and milk containers within our boardrooms, replacing these with tea and coffee boxes and reusable milk jugs.
• Finally, we ensure to have live plants in all our communal spaces as they absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. Some research even suggests they can reduce stress, sickness and absence and increase productivity.